The COHMAS team is characterized by international diversity, combined with training in diverse backgrounds, including applied mathematics, mechanical engineering, aeronautics & astronautics, material science, civil engineering, and computer science. Our team consists of research scientist, postdoctoral research fellows, PhD candidates/students,  Masters students (who are encouraged to undertake a successful career in research), visiting students and administrative/research support staff.

Principal Investigator

Gilles Lubineau, PhD, HDR

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Associate Dean for Faculty (PSE Division)

Research Interest: Aging of Composite Structures, Computational Strategies, Damage Modeling, Coupling Strategies, Degradation of Composite Structures, Environmental Degradation, Mechanical Degradation

Research Scientist

Arief Yudhanto, PhD

PhD (TMU), MEng (NUS), BS (ITB)​​

Research Interest: Composite Materials, Mechanical Characterisation, Measuring Damage Mechanisms, Fracture mechanics

Postdoctoral Fellow

Ahmed Wagih Abdel Hady, PhD

PhD, MS (Universitat de Girona), BS (Zagazig University)​​​​​

Research Interest: Nanomaterials, Mechanical Degradation, Damage Modeling

Hussein Nesser, PhD

​PhD, MS (Université de Bordeaux), BS (Lebanese Univ)​​

Research Interest: Electromagnetics and optoelectronics, Multifunctional Nanocomposites, Electro-mechanical coupling of thin films in flexible elctronics, Flexible Electronics

Ruslan Melentiev


Research Interest: micro/nano texturing

Xiaole Li, PhD

PhD (Univ. Portsmouth), PhD (HIT), MS (HIT), BS (HIT)​​​

Research Interest: Computational Strategies

Yunteng Wang, PhD

PhD and BS (Chongqing University)​​​​

Research Interest: Non-local models, Peridynamic Theory, Fracture mechanics, Computational Strategies, Coupling Strategies, Multi-scale methods

PhD Student

Abraham "Bram" Lagerweij

MS (TU Delft), BS (TU Delft)​

Research Interest: Finite Element Method, Computational Damage Mechanics, Fracture mechanics, Computational Fracture Mechanics

Ping Hu

​MSc (Beihang Univ), BSc (Beihang Univ)​​​​

Research Interest: Computational Mechanics, Finite Element Method, Damage Modeling, Coupling Strategies, Degradation of Composite Structures, Interface Degradation

Ragesh Chellattoan

MSTech (NIT), BSTech (CET)

Research Interest: Nanomaterials, Nanocomposites, Thermal Characterisation, Mechanical Testing, Composite Materials, Computational Mechanics, Materials modeling

Ran Tao


Research Interest: Identification - Full Field Measurement, Computational Strategies, Mechanical Testing, Fracture mechanics, Digital Image Correlation

Wael Badeghaish

​MSc (CUA), BSc (KFUPM)​​​​

Research Interest: Composite Materials, Mechanics of thin films

Yangyang Xin

​M​E (Beihang), BE (Harbin)

Research Interest: Sensors, Multifunctional Nanocomposites

Master Student

Jassem ALYousef

​​BS (Washington)​​​

Research Interest: Mechanical Characterisation, Interface Degradation

Lujain Fatta


Research Interest: Mechanical Characterisation, Mechanical Testing, Composite Materials

Mjed H. Hashem

BE (Manchester)

Research Interest: Composite Materials, Materials modeling, Mechanical Characterisation, Interface Degradation

Mohammad Subah

BS (Colorado)

Research Interest: Mechanical Testing, Composite Materials

Nurlat Bekdullayev


Research Interest: Digital Image Correlation, Finite Element Method, Mechanical Testing

Research Assistant

Huiping Chen


Research Technician

Muhammad(Moha) Seraj

MS (Massey University)