Congratulations to our PhD student Yan Azdoud for his accepted pubilication in IJSS!

04 February, 2013

Yan's new paper has been accepted for publication in International Journal of Solid and Structures: A Morphing framework to couple non-local and local anisotropic continua


In this article, we develop a method to couple anisotropic local continua with anisotropic non-local continua with central long-range forces. First, we describe anisotropic non-local models based on spherical harmonic descriptions. We then derive compatible classic continuum models. Finally, we apply the morphing method to these anisotropic non-local models and present three-dimensional numerical examples to validate the efficiency of the technique.


Non-local elasticity; Coupling; Peridynamics; Long-range forces; Multi-scale; Anisotropy; Morphing