ME Seminar: Finite element analysis with uncertainties on data and its quality (9 May 2019)

29 April, 2019

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Seminar

Presenter: Prof. Eric Florentin (hosted by Prof. Gilles Lubineau)
Title: Finite element analysis with uncertainties on data and its quality
Institute: INSA Centre Val de Loire (France)
DATE: ​Thursday, May 09, 2019
TIME : 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
LOCATION:Building 9, Lecture Hall 2


Ever-growing computational power allows to simulate physical phenomena of increasing complexity. In particular, it can be interesting to take into account the lack of knowledge about the parameters of the model concerning geometry, material behavior, boundary conditions or about the model itself. Different numerical techniques for solving these types of problem have been developed recently.
In this presentation, the efficiency of numerical methods developed in this framework is presented. In particular, we are interested in studying errors due to approximations done. The goal is to develop techniques that improve the computation quality and preserve the computational cost. An optimal choice of the simulation parameters can be done using an error indicator. The objective is to design a tool which can be efficient on industrial structures.  


Professor at INSA Centre Val de Loire (France) since 2013
Associate professor at ENS de Cachan : 2002-2013
Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, ENS de Cachan, 2002
Postgraduate Degree, ENS de Cachan, 1998