Yan and Fei’s paper was accepted for publication in Computational Mechanics

02 April, 2014

Our PhD candidate Yan Azdoud and Post Doc Fei Han got their paper accepted for publication on Computational Mechanics.

Abstract :

We introduce a framework that adapts local and non-local continuum models to simulate static fracture problems. Non-local models based on the peridynamic theory are promising for the simulation of fracture, as they allow discontinuities in the displacement field. However, they remain computationally expensive. As an alternative, we develop an adaptive coupling technique based on the morphing method to restrict the non-local model adaptively during the evolution of the fracture. The rest of the structure is described by local continuum mechanics. We conduct all simulations in three dimensions, using the relevant discretization scheme in each domain, i.e., the Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method (DGFEM) in the peridynamic domain and the continuous Finite Element Method (FEM) in the local continuum mechanics domain.
Key words:
non-local elasticity, coupling, peridynamics, static fracture, DGFEM , anisotropy, morphing