Predictive micro- and meso-scale damage mechanics models for thermoplastic composites


This work aims at developing finite element framework of different length-scales (micro- and mesoscale) in order to study damage mechanism of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites. At micro-scale, the unit cell (RVE) is defined rigorously by two-point probability function and Hill-Mandell kinematics. Transverse and shear failure in glass/polypopylene at microscale are simulated. Mesoscale models under in-plane tension and out-of-plane (quasi-static indentation) loads will be developed.
  • Ditho Ardiansyah Pulungan (PhD Candidate)
  • Prof Gilles Lubineau (PI, PhD Advisor)
  • Dr Arief Yudhanto (Research Scientist, PhD Co-Advisor)


​SABIC Europe (Dr. Nikhil Verghese, Dr. Recep Yaldiz, Dr. Warden Schijve)


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