Our team is characterized by a strong national diversity (e.g., France, Saudi Arabia, China, Indonesia, Brazil, Italy, India, Vietnam, etc) and training with a backgrounds in applied mathematics, mechanical engineering, aeronautics & astronautics, material science, civil engineering and computer science. It is made of five categories: (1) Research scientist, (2) Postdoctoral Research Fellows, (3) PhD Students, (4) Master Students (who are encouraged to undertake a successful career in research), (5) Visiting Students.


Principal Investigator

  • Professor in Mechanical Engineering

    Research Interests: Aging of Composite Structures, Computational Strategies, Damage Modeling, Coupling Strategies, Degradation of Composite Structures, Environmental Degradation, Mechanical Degradation

Research Scientist

  • PhD (TMU), MEng (NUS), BS (ITB)​​​
    Research Interests: Composite Materials, Mechanical Characterisation, Measuring Damage Mechanisms, Fracture mechanics
  • PhD (Toulouse III), MS (Bordeaux I), Diploma (Southampton)​​
    Research Interests: Aging of Composite Structures, Sensors, Degradation of Composite Structures, Mechanical Characterisation, Manufacturing - nanoreinforced composite materials

Postdoctoral Fellow

  • PhD (UdG), MS (UdG​), BS (Zagazig)​​​​​
    Research Interests: Nanomaterials, Mechanical Degradation, Damage Modeling
  • ​PhD (Bordeaux), MS (Bordeaux), BS (Lebanese)​​​
    Research Interests: Electromagnetics and optoelectronics, Multifunctional Nanocomposites, Electro-mechanical coupling of thin films in flexible elctronics, Flexible Electronics
  • PhD (BUAA), MS (BUAA), BS (TJU)
    Research Interests: Digital Image Correlation, Composite Materials, Mechanical Characterisation
  • PhD (Portsmouth), PhD (HIT), MS (HIT), BS (HIT)​​​
    Research Interests: Computational Strategies
  • PhD (CQU), BS (CQU)​​​​
    Research Interests: Non-local models, Peridynamic Theory, Fracture mechanics, Computational Strategies, Coupling Strategies, Multi-scale methods

PhD Student

  • MS (TU Delft), BS (TU Delft)​
    Research Interests: Finite Element Method, Computational Damage Mechanics, Fracture mechanics, Computational Fracture Mechanics
  • ​MS (KAIST), BS (ITB)​
    Research Interests: Finite Element Method, Coupling Strategies, Damage Modeling, Nanocomposites
  • ​MSc (BUAA), BSc (BUAA)​​​​
    Research Interests: Computational Mechanics, Finite Element Method, Damage Modeling, Coupling Strategies, Degradation of Composite Structures, Interface Degradation
  • MSTech (NIT), BSTech (CET)
    Research Interests: Nanomaterials, Nanocomposites, Thermal Characterisation, Mechanical Testing, Composite Materials, Computational Mechanics, Materials modeling
  • ​MS (KAUST), BS (PKU)
    Research Interests: Identification - Full Field Measurement, Computational Strategies, Mechanical Testing, Fracture mechanics, Digital Image Correlation
  • ​​MS (BUAA), BS (CUMT)​​​
    Research Interests: Computational Damage Mechanics, Computational Mechanics
  • ​M​E (BUAA), BE (HEU)
    Research Interests: Sensors, Multifunctional Nanocomposites
  • ​MSE (UCAS), BS (CUG) 
    Research Interests: Coupling Strategies, Peridynamic Theory, Continuum Mechanics, Computational Fracture Mechanics, Finite Element Method, Computational Mechanics

Master Student

  • BS (Rochester)
    Research Interests: Composite Materials, Thermal Characterisation, Solar Energy
  • ​​BS (Washington)​​​
    Research Interests: Mechanical Characterisation, Interface Degradation
  • BS (Colorado)
    Research Interests: Mechanical Characterisation, Solar Energy, Composite Materials
  • BS (KFUPM​)
    Research Interests: Mechanical Degradation, Mechanical Characterisation, Mechanical Testing, Fracture mechanics

Research Assistant

  • MS (CAS)