Composite and Heterogeneous Material Analysis and Simulation Laboratory (COHMAS), which was created in 2009 as an integrated environment for composite science (with the strong desire to combine modeling and experimental expertise in a single working environment), is located at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and forms part of the Physical Science and Engineering Division
We are constantly looking for a bright, hard-working student (or staff) who would contribute to the success of our research. The person would fill up the following positions
  • Visiting student (VS)
  • Masters student
  • PhD student
  • Postdoctoral fellow
Our general research activities include (i) integrity of composite materials and structures; (ii) durability of composite materials and structures; (iii) inverse problems for the identification of constitutive parameters; (iv) multi-scale coupling techniques.
If you are interested to know more about the above positions, feel free to send email to Prof. Gilles Lubineau ( and please make CC to  Ms. Xinying Zhang - Senior Administrative Staff (

We are recruiting high-quality postdoc to specifically work on these fields:
  1. Computational and Theoretical Mechanics: Peridynamics and its applications to localization, Multiphysics for remote sensing and detection
  2. Material Science and Composite Engineering: Nano-composite based sensors for various applications, conductive materials and flexible/transparent electronics
  3. Measurement and Diagnosis: Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy/Tomography, Digital Volume Based Correlation for applications in X-Ray tomography.
Requirements. The postdoctoral fellow candidate must hold a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, applied, mathematics, material science or other relevant disciplines. He/She must have a strong background in one or more of the following fields: experimental solid mechanics, fracture and damage mechanics, polymeric materials, bio-inspired materials, homogenization and microstructure generation, full-field measurements, material science. For any position, an in-depth knowledge of theoretical mechanics is a firm requirement. The candidate must have a high level of self-motivation, strong publication record and a good command of oral and written English, be able to work in a team, and possess good organizational skills. In addition to the research duties, postdoctoral fellow will be actively engaged in student mentoring (directed research, Masters thesis students). He/She will also be in charge of developing further the facilities of the laboratory. The candidate will also be in charge of delivering regular reports related to the associated grant.
Appointment. One year, renewable up to three years by mutual agreement. The candidate is expected to join the team as soon as a successful interview has been completed.
Benefits. In addition to a competitive, the successful candidate will enjoy a generous benefit package including medical insurance, on-campus free housing, K-12 schools, paid airfare (at start and end of contract) and outstanding recreational facilities.
When you are applying for postdoc position, please use this as the subject of your email: “Post Doc Application – COHMAS 2017”. Also, only applications providing all application requirements will be considered further. Applicant requirements should be numbered and attached to the application in following order:
  1. Detailed CV including list of publications, awards, with potential start date.
  2. Short statement of previous work, title of the post-doc fellowship you apply for, and a description of your vision and of your research plan on that field (the document does not need to be extensive; no more than one A4 page; but should be very high quality. It should clearly highlight a vision of the candidate in the field, a prior understanding of the related literature and the definition of key steps towards innovative results in the field. Special care should be given by the candidate to this document, which is a key element of the decision process towards recruitment)
  3. Names and contact information of three referees.
  4. Slides from a recent presentation in a conference or seminar.
  5. PDF of a recent publication considered by the candidate as being representative of his research work.
Interested applicants should send their complete application package to Prof. Gilles Lubineau ( (with a systematic cc to
COHMAS Research Thrusts
  • Integrity of composite materials and structures: isotropic and anisotropic damage theories, fracture mechanics, homogenization techniques bridging micro-mechanical models to meso/macro-scale models, multi-scale modeling, damage mechanisms in nano-reinforced multi-scale composites.
  • Durability of composite materials and structures: modeling of aging for polymer-based CFRPs under various environments (moisture, temperature, radiation, oxidation, mechanical fatigue), aging of steel pipes in sour environments, development of multiphysics-related models (experimental, modeling and computational work).
  • Inverse problems for the identification of constitutive parameters: digital image correlation- based identification techniques, identification techniques for interfaces in joints and laminates, identification techniques based on 2D (optical pictures) and 3D (tomography) image correlation.
  • Multi scale coupling techniques: coupling between molecular models, non-local continuum and local continuum models, upscaling strategies for handling localized effects in large-scale simulations.