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The Composite and Heterogeneous Material Analysis and Simulation Laboratory (COHMAS) Laboratory is located at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Thuwal - Saudi Arabia. Established in 2009, COHMAS Laboratory forms a part of the Physical Science and Engineering (PSE) Division. COHMAS Laboratory serves as an integrated environment for composite science and technology with a strong desire to combine both modeling and experimental expertises in a single working environment. We also develop and validate modeling and experimental techniques to achieve better design of composite-based structures. Most of our research is performed under a close cooperation with major industrial partners, ensuring a high-level of applied research which is based on advanced theoretical concepts.
Our research activities cover:
  • Integrity of composite materials and structures. Isotropic and anisotropic damage theories, fracture mechanics, homogenization techniques bridging micro-mechanical models to meso/macro- scale models, multi-scale modeling, damage mechanisms in nano-reinforced multi-scale composites.
  • Durability of composite materials and structures. Modeling of aging for polymer-based CFRPs under various environments (moisture, temperature, radiation, oxidation, mechanical fatigue), aging of steel pipes in sour environments, development of multiphysics-related models (experimental, modeling and computational work).
  • Inverse problems for the identification of constitutive parameters. Digital image correlation- based identification techniques, identification techniques for interfaces in joints and laminates, identification techniques based on 2D (optical pictures) and 3D (tomography) image correlation.
  • Multi-scale coupling techniques. Coupling between molecular models, non-local continuum and local continuum models, upscaling strategies for handling localized effects in large-scale simulations.

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Dr. Gilles Lubineau

Principal Investigator of COHMAS | Professor of Mechanical Engineering ​​​