Welcome to the Composite and Heterogeneous Material Analysis and Simulation Laboratory

The Composite and Heterogeneous Material Analysis and Simulation Laboratory (COHMAS) is located at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology and forms part of the Physical Science and Engineering Division.  It was created in 2009 as an integrated environment for composite science, with the strong desire to combine modeling and experimental expertise in a single working environment.
Our general research activities include:

  • Integrity of composite materials and structures: isotropic and anisotropic damage theories, fracture mechanics, homogenization techniques bridging micro-mechanical models to meso/macro- scale models, multi-scale modeling, damage mechanisms in nano-reinforced multi-scale composites.
  • Durability of composite materials and structures: modeling of aging for polymer-based CFRPs under various environments (moisture, temperature, radiation, oxidation, mechanical fatigue), aging of steel pipes in sour environments, development of multiphysics-related models (experimental, modeling and computational work).
  • Inverse problems for the identification of constitutive parameters: digital image correlation- based identification techniques, identification techniques for interfaces in joints and laminates, identification techniques based on 2D (optical pictures) and 3D (tomography) image correlation.
  • Multi scale coupling techniques: coupling between molecular models, non-local continuum and local continuum models, upscaling strategies for handling localized effects in large-scale simulations.

COHMAS develops and validates techniques to achieve the better design of composite materials based structures. Most of this research is done in tight cooperation with major industrial partners ensuring a high level applied research based on advanced theoretical concepts.

Dr. Gilles Lubineau
Principal Investigator - COHMAS
Professor of Mechanical Engineering



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