COHMAS laboratory possesses its own state of the art experimental and computational facility for studying the comprehensive characteristics (mechanical, damage, thermal, electrical, hygrothermal, fatigue) of advanced composite and heterogeneous materials. Our research is also supported by the common facility available at the KAUST Core Lab. Our labs are located in Level 2 (15A) and Level 0 (15B) of Building 4 Seaside.

Extensive computational facility (cluster of 7 workstations allowing parallel computing) simulating models that provide a better description of physical processes at multiple scales is required to support virtual testing of various materials. We develop computational models utilizing various packages to systematically analyze and predict the behavior of advanced materials, such as damage and failure. Our software includes ABAQUS (Standard and Explicit) and COMSOL Multiphysics.​​​​​​
Our laboratory is equipped with a wide range of mechanical test devices for plastics, nanocomposites and composite materials. The test can be performed at microscopic and macroscopic scales, and for various environmental conditions (varying temperature and humidity).​​

COHMAS is equipped with various material characterization techniques aiming to reveal the heterogeneity of material's morphology and microstructures. We also use the techniques to measure the density, strain, acoustic, resistance and damage of the materials subjected to mechanical or thermal loading. ​

COHMAS Laboratory is equipped with synthesis and manufacturing facility that provides excellent sample preparation techniques for polymeric and composite materials. The facility includes electrospinning device, universal oven, ultrasonic processor, hydraulic hot press for composite manufacturing, 3D printer, waterjet cutting machine, etc. 
COHMAS laboratory members can utilize the facilities available at KAUST Core Labs, which are common facility for supporting research throughout campus and KAUST’s partners. Core Labs comprise of Analytical Chemistry, Biosciences & Bioengineering, Coastal & Marine, Imaging & Characterization, Nanofabrication & Thin Film, Supercomputing, Visualization and Mechanical Workshops.​​